CitroCasa Fantastic F/D

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The high volume CitroCasa Fantastic F/D has all of the performance features of the Fantastic M/SB, plus the new Two-Level-Feeding (TLF) System for automated fruit feeding and easy programing. Because this is a high volume unit, we recommend either a bottom cart or counter top kit.

Thanks to its revolutionary design, the new Fantastic can be dissassembled extremely quickly and easily. With its combination of the innovative Cross-Holder, the Double-Cover system and the special peel ejectors, the machine can be taken apart for cleaning and re-assembled in a fraction extremely quickly.

The Citrocasa Fantastic makes it possible to remove all components that contact the juice from the machine for easy cleaning in the dishwasher – it couldn’t be simpler!

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Fantastic Features

  • Optional bottom cart or counter top kit recommended

  • Two Level Feeding System (TLF) provides automatic high-capacity fruit feeding

  • 30 oranges processed per minute

  • High-capacity fruit hopper (17 kg / 37 lbs) with our Two Level Feeding-System (TLF)

  • Multifunctional display: fruit quantity settings, digital fruit counter, 5 languages

  • Minimal space requirements (base width of only 28 cm / 11 inches)

  • Fast juicing (2 liters per minute / 0.5 gallons per minute)

  • SCS Up & Down Cutting System produces the highest quality juice

  • Quick and easy clean up

  • Easy and user-friendly operation

  • Extremely quiet operation

  • 115V 60hz 8 amps. Equip with a standard 3-prong plug.

  • 37.2″ Tall x 19.7″ Wide x 25.8″ Deep


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