CitroCasa 8000 SB

SKU 9778072

The CitroCasa 8000 SB is a powerhouse among self-service juicers. This workhorse presses 40 oranges per minute, for an average yeild of 2.7 liters per minute of fresh squeezed orange juice to boost your profits and your customer satisfaction. Because this is a high volume unit, we recommend either a bottom cart or counter top kit.

Reduce your labor costs by adding the optional “ATS” (automatic pulp and seed removing system) upgrade. Check out the CitroCasa 8000 SB/ATS.

Fantastic Features

  • Optional bottom cart or counter top kit recommended
  • Automatic fruit feeding
  • Our best high volume or self-service model
  • 40 oranges processed per minute
  • Automatic start simply by pressing the tap
  • Large stainless steel rotating table
  • Ideal for produce departments
  • With multifunctional display
  • 46lb Hopper Capacity
  • Easy, user friendly operation for both customers and employees
  • 115V 60hz 8 amps. Equip with a standard 3-prong plug.
  • 39.4″ Tall x 23.6″ Wide x 21.7″ Deep

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