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Fantastic Financing

The sooner you start juicing the sooner you start making money. Our goal and philosophy is to help you get started as fast as possible so whether you want to buy or lease from us we have the right resources in place to get you started as quickly as possible. Some of our customers prefer to prepay and take advantage of cash discounts while others prefer to use their credit card so they can pay over a period of time. The advantage of credit card is of course you get the mileage or cash back points and you can chose how much to pay your credit card company every month. Another popular option is our Fantastic Financing which allows you to "Lease" your equipment with a fix payment plan over longer period of time with a $1 end of lease buy out option . Our leasing partner is Marlin Leasing and they can finance your equipment for you on approved credit. If Marlin can receive your application by 12 noon PST,  we can receive an approval within 3 hours and you can start juicing within a few days. With the lease option you can conserve your cash and let your new daily juice sales pay for the juicer as you go and depending on your credit score many of our customers get the option to make their first lease payment after the 3 months. That allows you to make lots of sales before you make your first payment. Please call us and we will be happy to assist you any discuss how you can also have a "no" interest lease option. Please note all lease applications are to be emailed or faxed direct to Marlin Leasing and they have final say on approval based on their terms and conditions. Upon receiving your lease application Marlin leasing will contact you directly and only discuss options with you. 

Fantastic Financing Offer

Please call us at 855.373.7458 for additional details, on how you can lease any of our juicers over 12 months with no interest pricing . Lease approval is subject to Marlin Leasing terms and conditions.

Consultation & Training

When you purchase your juicers and accessories from Fantastic Juice , you can take advantage of our years of experience in the field and our friendly, on–site training. We offer FREE training and consultation on Citrus Juicers purchased through Fantastic Juice.

Juicer Demonstrations

Know everything before you buy. We would love the opportunity to show you any of our Juicers in action. Please call us at 855.373.7458 


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